Specification change of FIGARO TGS2610 and TGS2611

Maritex would like to announce specification change of TGS2610-D00 and TGS2611-E00 sensors for detection of LPG and Methane (only with filter). Since few months FIGARO was working on an improvement of measurement system used during sensor production process. The specification change of TGS2612 was announced last year and right now we received an info that FIGARO finished the process for TGS2610-D00 and TGS2611-E00.

What is important there are no changes in sensor construction. Changes in documentation are only connected with new characterization process. The change forced FIGARO to update the suggested load resistor values according to calibration group (f.e. #15).

New specification will be implemented in sensors with production lot equal or higher:
TGS2610-D00 – 922T
TGS2611-E00 – 941T

Currently, sensors available from our stock have old specification, but according to information from FIGARO new deliveries will contain sensors with updated characteristics.
New product information can be found on below links:

Technical information an application notes are available upon request, after contact with our staff.
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