• Novelties in the offer of signal lamps

    In cooperation with the manufacturer Onpow, we are expanding our offer with new models of signal lamps with large mounting holes: 30mm. You can choose the color of the...

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  • Hy-Cap NEO series, Market leading supercapacitors

    VINATech engineers have continually taken effort to develop and improve the EDLC technology. VINATech Supercapacitors are produced from the VINATech’s originally developed Smart...

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  • 5G network development powered by SIMCOM

    The development of the 5G wireless network opens access to a wide range of new applications and potential projects. In 2019 telecommunication operators in 119 countries...

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  • TGS3870 – new methane and CO gas sensor

    Maritex is pleased to announce that FIGARO new sensors, the TGS3870-F00 / F04 display significant improvement in the cross-sensitivity to interference gasses as well as the...

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  • NSP-1600/3200 Series: 1600W & 3200W High Power and Highly Reliable Switching Power Supply

    RSP-1500, RSP-1600, RSP-3000 and DPU-3200 series have been launched into the market for few years. However, the world is facing the impact from pandemic as well as the intense...

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  • WM-SEM227 - Louver versatile sensor

    Maritex would like to inform you about the extension of the meteo sensor offer with the Louver versatile sensor WM-SEM227.

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