Full-Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switches with 10G Uplink

Maritex would like to inform you about adding to our offer new Industrial Ethernet Switches with 10G uplink ports – IGS-9822DGP and IGPS-9822DGP+ made by ORing Networking. The devices provide a combination of ports in different speeds to better address customers’ needs.

The 10G ports are able to work as uplink ports. Alongside eight 1G copper ports, the switches also offer two 2.5G and two 10G ports in SFP mode. Moreover, the 10G ports can be used as uplink ports and the 2.5G ports are ideal for connecting with 2.5G APs which have seen increased adoption. The combination of 2.5G and 10G ports makes the switch a perfect bridge between wireless and wired networks.

In addition, the IGPS-9822DGP+ comes with an option to power other devices, such as IP cameras, because it supports eight PoE Gigabit ports. Due to the big power budget which is 240W, it is possible to achieve 30W of power on each port. It allows to significantly reduce installation hassle and costs, especially in enviroments where using additional cabling may be a challange.

As with most of ORing’s industrial Ethernet switches, the IGS-9822DGP and IGPS-9822DGP+ support a variety of network redundancy protocols, including ORing’s proprietary O-Ring and O-Chain technology. With high-bandwidth uplinks, a high-port density, and SFP support, the devices are flexible and cost-effective.

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