BRIANNA ensures brighter side of your office

Bright Light innovation has it all – amazing optics, elegant appearance, even surface illumination and low UGR

The office lighting market is traditionally divided into Bright Light solutions such as simple microprismatic profiles, and more elegant Dark Light solutions with lampshades and louvres. However, to achieve low glare values (UGR ≤19) with Bright Light solutions, large, bulky luminaires have previously often been required. Our latest innovation, BRIANNA, is a compact yet powerful Bright Light lens with a uniform surface and low UGR that minimizes dark cave and multishadow effect. Want to see how BRIANNA can improve your office lighting?

BRIANNA is a visually appealing, seamless linear lens that offers exceptional visual comfort. Despite its small size, this innovative lens enables low-glare lighting (UGR ≤19 at 1000 lm/ft) with a uniform and pleasant surface, without sacrificing light output and efficiency. The patent-pending LEDiL production technology enables the production of elegant luminaires with variable lengths and no gaps. BRIANNA is currently available with a 60 degree beam angle and is ideal for desk lighting and general office lighting. A wider beam angle and further options are coming soon.

Regardless of whether you prefer hanging or surface-mounted lamps, BRIANNA will be the perfect solution for you. In the photos below, the BRIANNA application can be seen in both a task lighting concept with pendant lamps and a room lighting concept with surface-mounted luminaires. In both scenarios, BRIANNA does exceptionally well.

Both lenses have the same LED spacing as DAISY and can be used in the same light body when used with shades. Additionally, the lens is fully compatible with human-centered lighting, providing precise and consistent white support with adjustability.

Examples of luminaires featuring BRIANNA, with and without shades.

BRIANNA offers a wide range of options. With three different sizes – 7X1, 14X1, 28X1 – and optional shades accessible in black and white with a matt finish, they offer a broad variety of possibilities to perfect the appearance of the luminaire.

Thanks to multiple options available, assembling BRIANNA is quick and easy, as you can see in the video shown on manufacturers website. Depending on your preferences and the structure of the luminaire, you can choose between integrated side clips, a top flange or one of two types of clips (available as accessories in the LEDiL offer). BRIANNA optics are optimized for 2835 LED clusters to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

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