ADELY - new premium reflector for accessible designs

Beautiful illumination with the choice of using reflectors or lenses in the same setting.

Reflectors present a traditional, cost-effective solution for track and downlighting and are commonly used in a variety of scenarios, including retail and architectural lighting. Although lenses provide excellent optical control, both reflectors and lenses have their own unique role and each require their own luminaire design.

The latest LEDiL innovation has been specifically developed to enable the seamless integration of a luminaire body with an ADELY reflector or YASMEEN lens. This ingenious feature not only simplifies variant and inventory management for lighting manufacturers, but also gives them the flexibility to seamlessly respond to specific projects and individual needs.

ADELY is a premium reflector with exceptional surface and optical quality, enabling visual perfection in retail lighting, architectural applications and all other situations. The ADELY-50 uses a YASMEEN-50 holder, while the ADELY¬-70 uses a similar holder to the YASMEEN-70-HLD. This allows the use of ADELY reflectors and YASMEEN lenses in the same luminaire.

ADELY offers a wide range of lighting 15, 24, 36 and 55 degree beam angles to meet all your retail needs. All beams are available in diameters of 50 and 70mm.

Each type of reflectors is available with two types of holders which are compatible with LEDiL HEKLA, B+W and BJB connectors. ADELY-50 is optimized for LES COB 10mm, while ADELY-70 is designed for LES COB 14.5mm.

Simplify your process, increase efficiency, and let your luminaires shine with brilliance and versatility.

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