Ideal Conductive Polymer Hybrid series for 5G

In order to follow the development of 5G network service, Samwha Electric has developed ideal series for 5G market. Most suitable for 5G network devices, it has least influence of high and low temperatures. With Korea becoming first country in the world to have more than 10 million 5G users, most mobility base station, which endure large temperature range and reliability in running for 24 hours per day, required improvement.

“YM” series, developed by Samwha Electric in2021, has temperature range of -55℃to 125℃ with lifetime up to 4,000 hours. Conductive polymer hybrid capacitor, as shown in the drawing below, consists both conductive polymer and liquid electrolyte to disable the chance of short circuit and risk of fire.

Furthermore, such characteristics and technical capability make “YM” series also ideal for automotive applications such as HVAC and Engine Control Unit.

Since 2019, Samwha Electric has been supplying conductive polymer hybrid and “YM” series, provided in voltage range from 25V to 63V with capacitance of 47to 680μF, will expand the market further into 5G.

Key Features(“YM” Series)

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