Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Maritex, who is supplier of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), enourages and reminds about our flexible PCBs offer. This type of boards is becoming more and more popular solution due to the progressing miniaturization of devices and their possibility of bending/changing their position. Unlike standard FR4 or MCPCB (aluminum) boards, flexible printed circuit boards can bend or “work” with the device in which they are mounted.

Exemplary application of flexible printed circuits:

  • PCBs for use in mobile devices (like sliding keyboard and display),
  • flexible ribbons for making connections between devices,
  • Printed Circuit Boards for flexible LED strips.

Possible parameters:

  • number of layers: from 1 to 12,
  • lowest PCB thichness: 0.15 mm,
  • copper thickess 35 / 70 um,
  • soldermask color: white / black / green / yellow,
  • legend color: white / black,
  • finish: OSP / ENIG.

In order to receive an offer, please send requests for flexible printed boards containing gerber files and specified parameters.

Inquiries, technical help: j.cieslewicz@maritex.com.pl, tel: +48 58 781 33 70.

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