FIGARO TGS1820 – brand new acetone sensor

Maritex, authorized distributor of FIGARO Engineering Inc. would like to announce that brand new TGS1820, a highly selective and quick responding acetone sensor, is in the final stage of development and is set to release in the near future.

FIGARO TGS1820 is a hot wire semiconductor type gas sensor. The sensing element consist of a noble metal coil embedded in small bead of sintered metal oxide semiconductor material.

Electrical conductivity change caused by gas adsorption on the MOS material surface can be measured between both ends of noble metal coil as a change in the combined resistance of the MOS material and the noble metal coil.

TGS1820 has high sensitivity to acetone with small interference from ethanol and hydrogen. This make the sensor ideal for breath acetone analysis.


  • High sensitivity and selectivity to acetone
  • Low interference from ethanol and hydrogen
  • Quick response
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption


  • Acetone detectors
  • Breath acetone testers

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